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Strategic logistics consulting and international factory planning

Turning your visions into reality

We are one of the leading experts for the digital transformation of industry 4.0 (IoT), working in a holistic way and providing advice and planning across many industry sectors. Building a smart factory in which production, IT, the back office and logistics are all connected is one of our core competences.

As a general planner, we plan and implement complex industry projects for our customers for business-location planning, the restructuring of operating facilities, the re-planning of production and logistics centres, and for achieving efficiency enhancements across the entire value chain.

We can support you throughout your project, from coming up with the initial concept to planning the details, implementing them and putting everything into operation. If you need support in only part of the business, we can adapt our project structure to your needs.
The factory of the future and the selection of the right location for it are a result of thinking about how to design processes effectively, taking into consideration the company’s goals and overall parameters. For example, the optimal flow of materials, increasing resource and energy efficiency, etc.

All of this leads to a connected supply chain, from production and intralogistics to IT and process automation.

Value-flow-analyses Tool

We use our own tool for the value-flow analysis in order to depict processes and material flows. This tool connects graphical and calculation functionalities during the process design and process development.

Our customers receive our services from one source – One Shop. One Stop. As part of this approach, we depend on our partnership with the cooperation and project partners in the Steinbeis Technology Network, which operates globally and is implementation-focused.

With more than 20 years of experience and knowledge from projects spanning many different industries, we offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. Our clients benefit from needs-based and modular planning, sustainable efficiency enhancements and the highest possible security of investment.

One Shop. One Stop.

Smart Factory


Combining approaches means maximising impact. Only a structured and targeted interconnectedness of methods based on Lean Production can guarantee the success of a comprehensive production system.


As part of the logistics consulting, the entire value chain is optimised: sourcing, production and distribution, taking into account product development and order processing.


In the future, people will increasingly work in internal and external networks with different people involved, and at different locations. We can create an environment in the form of an innovative world of work which supports and contributes to your process efficiency.


We can develop your smart-factory strategy according to Industry 4.0 approaches. Our strength lies in automating processes and connecting production with logistics throughout the entire supply chain.

“The good planning by TZLOG contributed strongly to our successful implementation.”

CEO of pharmaceutical products, CH

“I’m enthusiastic about the methodology and solutions.”

Director of Production, aircraft construction, D

"The reduction of inventory totally fulfilled our expectations. After 12 months I can say that the reduction was also sustainable!"

CEO of an automotive manufacturer

Good reasons to work with TZLOG

With more than 20 years of experience in all industry sectors and for companies of all sizes, we have developed a systematic approach that fully satisfies the needs of our customers. The advantages of working with us range from receiving holistic advice to finding customised and innovative solutions.