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Factory planning: systematic, comprehensive, and with focus on sustainability

We are experts for layout and factory planning

Factory planning under one roof

Envisioning new business models, competitive manufacturing as well as logistic structures and upgraded process performance? Facing fundamental decisions on location, green and brown field planning? Interested in restructuring your value-adding processes and administrative departments?
With our TZLOG-methodology we support you to answer those questions. We develop the basis of decision-making and security of investment for your project. Your benefit from this is a sustainable and holistic solution.
We guide you all the way to the successful implementation of the entire project.

Factory planning our approach

One Shop.One Stop. We offer all project phases from start of finish.
During the strategic planning we take your ideas and visions and together we develop your factory. The most advantageous scenario will be identified for the design planning phase. This phase includes concept development for work environment, technology and value-adding departments. Process development, architecture and IT, energy and building technology are defined during the detailed planning phase. The award of contract will then close of the tendering procedure. While we accompany you to successfully finalize commissioning and handover.


• Identify bottlenecks along process chains
• Our modular designs offer agile utilization and expansion options.
• Minimize malinvestment
• Holistic solutions
• Identifying the most capable system supplier on the market for your needs
• Steinbeis tendering procedures create up to 20% cost benefits for our clients