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Value-creation networks & planning of factory structures

Future-proof layout planning for production, logistics, the work environment and digitalization

Master plan for the strategic development of your factory

The pre-research phase delivers clear guidelines with respect to solution scenarios, goals and feasibilities. The aim of design planning is to flesh out a concrete and finetuned draft solution, regardless of whether it concerns a reorganisation, new development of an existing location, or boosting the efficiency of a specific part of the business.

As an interdisciplinary team, we will come up with a holistic draft solution, consisting of process models, system drafts and what the office areas will look like. In our work, we always pursue our vision of creating a smart factory that combines process automation; the interconnectedness of production, office activities with IT; and resource efficiency.

Consulting services

• Planning the factory structure
• Design of production
• Design of logistics
• Optimal design of intralogistics
• Design of distribution
• Sustainable supply chain management
• Conceptual design of processes and IT

“I’m enthusiastic about the methodology and the solutions.”

Director of Production, Aircraft Construction, Germany